Senninzuka Jogaike Pond


Senninzuka Jogaike Pond村

An agricultural reservoir constructed to make use of Kitayama Castle’s dry moat, it overlooks a wonderful panorama that has the Central Alps standing behind it like a folding screen. In spring, there are thousands of cherry trees, azaleas, and hydrangeas blooming spectacularly on the embankments, and in fall there are the changing leaves, so you can enjoy the location year-round, and migratory birds also fly here.
Though the origin of the name “Senninzuka” isn’t known for sure, tradition has it that it refers to mounds here where the dead and their weapons were buried after Oda’s forces attacked the Ina Valley to strike at Takeda’s forces during the Warring States Period.
This is also the birthplace of the mallet golf course, and every year mallet golf’s international tournament is held on the 36 holes that make use of the land just as it is.
Mallet golf is easy and fun to play at this course.

■ Course open: April - November
■ Course fee: 200 yen
■ Equipment fee: 200 yen
(Inquiries) Machizukuri Center Iijima Tel. 0265-86-6780


address Nanakubo, Iijima Town
since 1936
access (1) About 20 minutes by car from Komagane IC
(2) About 15 minutes by car from Matsukawa IC
(3) About 10 minutes by taxi from Iijima Station on the JR Iida Line


Agricultural Land Development Division, Agricultural Administration Department, Nagano Prefecture