Kubohora Aqueduct


Kubohora Aqueduct村

Chosen as one of “Shinano’s 100 Select Bridges,” Kubohora Aqueduct was constructed from stone in 1909 (using local granite) as a multiple overpass arch bridge (the aqueduct straddles train tracks) with a length of 20 meters, a width of 2 meters, and a height of 10 meters. Due to double-tracking of the railway in 1973, the train tracks were changed to another route, but the aqueduct’s construction, which is reminiscent of a pair of glasses, is a testament to the fact that trains passed beneath its arch, and it is now preserved with all the flavor of those days though a century has passed since its construction.


address Azuma, Nagiso Town,
since 1909
access About 5 minutes by car from Nagiso Station


Agricultural Land Development Division, Agricultural Administration Department, Nagano Prefecture